The Journey Begins

Through familiar territory I’ll make anchor on discovered shores, set sail through uncharted water and pinpoint locations of interest worth noting, or sink in an incendiary disaster for provoking something unconquerable…

Anyway, enough of the semantic field of seafaring… for now. But you get the point, I hope.

So, an introduction to my blog, its creation and purpose; what to expect and what not to.

I’m currently studying Film Industry and Creative Writing at Portsmouth University – Year 1. One of many units that comprise the course is Professional Writing, and with that comes a blogging task. I’ve been contemplating creating one for a while, but finally something forced my lazy hand. No excuses now. Regular blogging commences. All aboard!

‘The SS Criticism.’ Some wordplay using my initials, deriving from old ship names, but also as a fan of Steampunk, I’ve seen Steam Ship utilise the ‘SS’ initials, so couldn’t resist that. Topics to expect will be my general grievances about everyday annoyances. I’ll vaguely touch upon politics, but I’ll resist a nosedive into all that crap. And when I do inevitably link in modern politics, it’ll be diluted; there’ll be no politician-esque arguments or terminology, just surface level detail that befits a public perception of something. I don’t follow politics closely, but I can still express a moan or vent a common frustration, right?

Finally, expect full-length film reviews on a weekly basis. I watch too many films to review each and every one, but I’ll pick the ones I feel I have something substantial to talk about (positive or negative).

Courtesy of WordPress, the quote and picture below were provided for me as part of a beginners template. Since it smartly (or coincidentally) tapped into the theme I was aiming for, I’ll keep it.

Thanks for reading.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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