It’s in the blood… ‘Possessor’ Review

Brandon Cronenberg’s ‘Possessor’ uses its disturbing ideas to deliver a gripping and gory science fiction horror film.

The story is about brain-implant technology that is used for assassins to execute high-profile targets from the body of another… It’s a fascinating concept; an invasion of mind and body that is used coldly and sinisterly, conjoining subject with target with all kinds of risks.

Body horror? Psychological horror? Cronenberg exerts a confidence as writer-director, following in his father’s footsteps with ideas and imagery. And make no mistake, when ‘Possessor’ becomes violent, it’s absolutely vicious. Every violation of flesh is shown in close-up, accentuating the graphic nature of the job but also the dangerous implications of the advanced technology and the insidious effects it has on an individual’s psyche.

No Body is Safe…

The use of colours is inspired, and they’re smartly applied: yellows and reds sometimes dominating the screen with a lurid intensity as we get a fractured glimpse into the character’s mind, like a hellscape of warped memories, flashing uncontrollably between present and past with lurching edits.

Overall, this is a very effective horror film that’s well-acted, well-shot, and unsurprisingly not for those with weak stomachs – you’d expect nothing less from a Cronenberg.

Score – 8/10

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