‘1917’ Review

Warning – Spoilers

Director Sam Mendes and cinematographer Roger Deakins combine their talents to deliver an epic war film that is not only a flawless technical achievement worth marvelling at all by itself, but an emotional experience that’ll leave you breathless. It’s a feeling many films of its ilk strive for, but few can succeed at those lofty ambitions of hitting all the right notes across the sensory spectrum.

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’31’ – Rob Zombie’s latest bloody disappointment

Gore > Style > Substance. A disappointing way of approaching directing, Rob Zombie frustrates because he shows flashes of talent, but leans too heavily on tired formula. He prides bloody violence over character development, relies on shoddy writing to fill in the gaps between bloodshed, and fails to distinguish this horror film from being another straight-to-DVD exercise in banality.

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